Trends are such a funny thing because the mere fact is that they should just be trendy. Here today, gone tomorrow but trends are taking an entirely new perspective and new influence when it comes to your brand.


Trends are no longer what they used to be. They used to be regional. They used to take years to spread across the United States. Now with social media, they take mere days to spread, and the truth is that they influence your brand and more importantly your audience as well.


And when it comes to brands, sometimes you should follow the trends and sometimes you shouldn't because by following the trends you actually can relate to your audience better but if you do follow every single trend you may look a little schizophrenic.


Here at the Neuro Human Branding Academy, we are all about taking the science and psychology that it takes to build a relationship and put it in your brand. And the truth is that your brand is a relationship. Your brand isn't an exchange or an interaction of I give you this, you give me that. That's not your brand at all. Your brand is a relationship between you, your product or service and your audience. And so by understanding what really makes your audience tick on a biological and psychological level, you can truly meet their needs on a deeper more satisfying level. More importantly a more long-term level than just interaction.


So there's a couple of trends that are going to be very big come 2018 that you should really be aware of when it comes to your brand. Is it smart to implement them into your brand?



Fads are vitally important to our culture.

Like we were just talking about earlier, trends and fads used to take a while to get across like it would hit the East Coast, it would hit the West Coast and then somehow it would slowly merge into the United States. Remember that in the 1980s when we had those Hypercolor shirts that if you heat it up they would change colors or Z Cavaricci jeans I mean come on who doesn't remember that.


But I remember being three or four years behind the trends because I was in Louisiana and then we would go out East and guess what, they'd be like, "Oh, that's so done. That was years ago. You're so far behind times." Not anymore. fads and trends are influencing us faster because of social media.


Now should your brand take on a fad?


It really depends, if it's really fun and playful then yes if that is your brand. If you want to be relatable if you want to try to connect with your audience.


But should your brand always take on every fad? Of course not.


I really don't think fidget spinner would be one that most people could relate to unless you were an exercise, or workout, or trainer, something in the health industry. Maybe it'd be a fun play on what you do.


Fads work because they really bring us back to more innocent times.

We want to find an escape. It's a way to escape from the stresses of society, the stresses of life and everything that's going on around us.


By taking part as a brand in the fad, you're able to connect with the audience and bring that little bit of escapism to your audience.

And for the most part that is a very good idea for most brands. Because most brands really are all about creating that relationship and having that long-term engagement. And if you're always 100% serious, then that won't work.

So, should you take part in some of the fads that are gonna be coming our way in 2018? Yes. As long as they don't go against the morals of your brand, the ethics of your brand, or absolutely make no sense for your brand. Then yes, if they're fun and they're playful and they're innocent, take part in them. But don't invest a ton of money or a ton of resources to it.

Be on the lookout for the fads and it doesn't matter if it doesn't turn into a viral sensation if you have a little fun and you have a little playfulness.

You're bringing exactly what your audience wants in that moment which is a little bit of escapism a little bit of youth and a little bit of their burdens lightened.

And that's exactly, no matter what your product or service is, you should be doing for your audience, lightening their burdens.