Superheroes are something that we love as a society. It taps into our good versus evil. Plus it taps into our desire to be super human, too. It's so much bigger than we are and more powerful than we think we are.


Superheroes have been a huge trend the last couple years. And as you've seen with the movies  and TV shows that have come out in 2017 and  the projected entertainment to come out in 2018, superheroes are even more massive.


How can your brand take up the superhero trend, and should it?


Well, the truth is that honestly on some level, we should either be the superheroes to our clients or we should be empowering our audience to embrace their superhero-ness


Here's what I mean.


If whatever you do, be it a product or a service, by being the superhero to your audience, you're keeping them in that safe space.

By being the superhero to your audience, you're keeping them in that safe space.


You're saying, "Hey, I'm going to protect you. I got your back," and let's be honest, how many people really feel safe and secure anymore?


Really few.


Even if your audience comes across as the most powerful person in the world, the truth is everyone wants a soft place to land. Being the superhero for your audience allows them to do that.

Empowering your audience to be their superhero is also just as positive.


The reason why you would choose one versus the other is the end outcome you want in your brand relationship.


For example, when I work with people with their brand one on one, while we are working together, while we're in that space of creation, I am their superhero. I have created that safe space to say, "I am the expert here. I know what we're doing. I got you, so you can relax. You can just ease into this and let me lead. Let me be Supergirl, and let me fly first and get everything out of the way."


But, there's a transition in my work because the truth is I don't want clients for forever, even though we will have a relationship for forever. I don't want them dependent upon me forever. So there comes a transition where I actually show them their superhero-ness so they can take their brand and move it forward and be their superhero to their audience.


Every single product and every single service has some kind of element of that. Where you're the brand as the superhero maybe for a very small moment, but the truth is that there should always be a balance of your safety, the safe space for your audience, but then empowering your audience as well. Having the duality is actually the best approach because it's the most empowering for a relationship. You don't then have codependent relationships. If you solely choose one, you can totally have a codependent side, or if you're always just about empowering your audience to be the superhero, sometimes they may not see why you're the magic formula to helping them discover their superhero-ness.


How can you actually add this idea of a superhero to your brand without necessarily making up some kind of mascot that is a superhero or referencing The Flash or Batman, Superman?


The number one thing that a superhero has humility, clarity, and humanness, that when combined is total badass.


Be really clear about what you're about.


Don't be the brand to everybody.

Don't be the brand that is so watered down that no one can tell the difference between you and someone else. Even if you sell the most simplest item like a white T-shirt, and that's all you sell, own why you sell white T-shirts and only white T-shirts.


There's more power in owning what your brand is truly about, even it may feel limiting to your niche. The truth is is that it actually will make you stronger. Again, Batman doesn't help everybody. He helps very specific causes. So should you.


Embrace your humanness means you're not gonna be perfect.  You're not ever gonna say everything right. You're gonna probably flub up here or there. The emails gonna go out wrong or not go out at all. So own it.


Don't think, "Oh, my gosh. I hope no one saw that." Just own it, and laugh at yourself, and be human and with everyone else.


But, always balance that humanness with your superhero badass-ness. Ignore the internal stories of, "Oh, she thinks she's so ... She's so prideful of herself," or "She thinks she's such the best person ever."

Own what you're actually amazing at, and say it unapologetically.

That will take practice on your part. If that's practicing on a video that only you see, if that's practicing in front of the mirror, whatever it is, own it from the inside out. And you'll begin to own your superhero-ness when it comes to what you deliver as a brand and how you deliver it to your audience.


The superhero trend is one your brand should embody even if it is in a subtle way.

Don't be so darn literal about being a superhero, and it will be beneficial to you, your brand, and your audience. The superhero trend taps into the deepest fundamental need in the stories  that we all have. Our desire to be extraordinary and change the world. Owning your superhero-ness does this.