Transparency is such a buzz word. Seriously, it means nothing at this point. But the truth is, is that we've heard this word, but we haven't actually seen it in action. And the end of 2017, with all the scandals coming out, proves to the public and the masses that, everyone talked about transparency, no one really was doing it.

In 2018 there's going to be even more scrutiny for brands to take things head-on. Small businesses, big businesses, every business, every brand should do this. Because let's be honest, in any relationship no one wants someone who's kind of pussy-footing around the topic.

Same thing when it comes to your brand relationships. For example, Massage Envy, at the end of 2017, had a scandal about hiding complaints of inappropriate behavior from one of their staffers by hundred of clients of theirs.

For the local solo massage therapist, this could be very detrimental to their business because massage is already still slightly taboo. It's not that the therapy is taboo, but there's so much unknown about what is a massage or isn't a massage.

The reason why there's so much lack of clarity around what is massage therapy is because of our social stories. When you look at movies and TV shows, you see all of these shows and movies that talk about the happy ending. There's a lot of lack of clarity for the audience, add on top that, the scandal from Massage Envy. You as a local massage therapist could be losing business and not even know it because the audience that would maybe have reached out and tried you is so hesitant and unclear about the situation, that they're just not even going to step foot into it.

So tackle it head-on.

No matter if the issue directly impacts you because it's something literally in your business, or if it's an industry-wide issue. Tackle it head-on.

For the example of massage therapists, if this is you, get on to social media. Get on a Facebook Live. Get on an Instagram Live. Get on a YouTube Live. Every Live. And talk about, really, what's massage? What are the different types of massages? What can you expect? If you have space, show it to them.

Reach out to your local news stations and see if you can get on TV. See if you can get interviewed in an article about how massage is beneficial, how you help the community. Whatever spin it is, get your business out there, because that will begin to create social proof that not all massage therapists are Massage Envy.


Speak to that. Educate about that. Train about that. Have your audience have your existing client base help train your new audience about it.


Don’t leave your audience wondering what you are not saying. Be  transparent, tackle any topic, good or bad,head-on. You do that, you follow that trend, and you're going to have a smart and savvy brand for life.