Within your overall audience scope, we all have little nuances within our audience.

Just like in our everyday relationships, we have diversity. Our brand relationships will have diversity too. And just like in your real life, you should target who and how you're talking to each of your audiences.

Strong brands have diversity within their brand relationships.

Speak to your audience as individuals not a homogenized organization.

In real life if someone is your gym friend, you see them every single day you work out at the gym. Your gym friends expect you to act a certain way, dress a certain way, and talk about certain topics. These are completely different topics than what you talk about at your son's soccer game with the fellow moms or parents out there, which are completely different topics than you talk about with your co-workers, which are completely different topics than what you talk about at a cocktail hour.

When you understand the full scope of who you are as a brand, you understand really what you're about, what you're really going after, and the relationships you're really trying to create.

Be clear on your brand messaging first.

And yes, your brand message goes beyond making the sale.

Your brand message goes deeper into the experience you're truly offering. And when this happens your brand message will be crystal clear and perfectly received by every aspect of your brand audience.

7 SecondsAli Craig