Slogan tees are everywhere, right?

There are slogans about everything and they are not going away.

But they're a fun obsession.

Very similar to why the mask trend works, slogan tees allow us to really say what we're thinking but not have to own any push back.

Slogan tees are a subtle way of getting our opinion across, and all the while feeling safe in expressing who we are. Slogan tees also allow us to connect with others, because let's be honest, when you wear a slogan tee, and people are like, "Hey, nice T-shirt," and you feel pretty damn good about yourself.

So why do slogan tees work?

They allow us to be honest. The truth is, is that we live in a society where political correctness and people's pushing of their agenda is so ridiculously pressured that most people just shut up.

Slogan tees are a very safe and secure way to share your point of view because in the end, it's just a T-shirt. It's a way of sharing your opinions without fully owning it.

How can you and your brand share this trend of the slogan T-shirt without actually creating a slogan T-shirt?

Well it's about creating a safe way for your audience to really express themselves and not actually feel like they have to 100 percent own the opinion. Meaning that YOU say the opinion and let them just like the post, or retweet the tweet. It allows you to be the one who really is in the forefront, but they're just supporting you. So it works for you, and it works for them as well.

Use the slogan tee trend to your brand's advantage by creating a “safe place” for you and your audience express yourself. And more importantly, have some fun with it. Because that's what life, and your brand, should be about.

#trendsAli Craig