Our environments impact our lives, our work, our relationships, and so much more than we realize.

Our environments hardwire us for certain behavioral programming.

It could be the way we speak, if we get tired, or excited. Your environment creates triggers that trigger your biology and your psychology. It happens to you and your audience.

Your environment is one of the biggest triggers for good and not so good.

What can you do to help the environmental aspects of your audience's brand relationship?

Well, first off, if by chance you do service work or you do work in-person, have your clients change your environment.

Personally, when I work with my one-on-one clients for my branding clients, you're either going to meet me in New York City or you're going to meet me in Las Vegas. And those are the two places.

I'm not going to meet you at your home office. You're not going to meet me anywhere else. We're either going to go to those two cities. And here's why.

The energy of New York City is a get it done kind of energy. If I need a brand to get their bum in action. I'm going to bring them into an environment that naturally has that built into its culture. I'm not going to bring them to laid-back Florida where it's let's just chill on the beach and veg out.

Now, if I need a brand to think outside the box, outside the scope of where their current industry is or where their current brand is, then we are heading over to Vegas. Because the Las Vegas strip says anything is possible.There was nothing there, and people decided to create. It came out of someone's imagination and into this world.

I'm going to bring people who need to get out of their own creative way to Vegas to help them create.

Now, I understand that not all businesses can literally bring their clients to different cities to use the energy of the city to your advantage. But how can you create, or recreate that, for your audience?

Maybe you have an online community and you have an online forum. How can you recreate the energy of the online forum to not be stale and static or just like any other Facebook group, but something that's a bit more dynamic?

Could you do a meditation? Could you use video that creates that energy, or that shifted energy you're looking to have happen?

If you work with someone virtually, which of their sense can you stimulate to change their environment?

Can you write a note card? What's the texture of the paper? What's the feel? What's the smell of it? What's the colors of it? All of these aspects stimulate the senses. Which can, help change the environment.

We've all experienced this ourselves.

You get that one positive little card or note in the mail. It doesn't matter what you felt like before in your environment, just by reading and seeing the note it puts a smile on your face. Puts a little chipper in your step, and you can keep going.

You can change the environment that your audience is experiencing.

Changing the environment has a great impact on not just creating a better brand relationship for you, but helping your audience get out of their own way.

The truth is that having a brand is a deeply honoring experience.

And you need to be able to take the responsibility of being a brand and that brand relationship seriously.

Your brand goes far more deeper and further past than just making the sale.

Your brand is about helping and supporting your audience to grow and be the best version of themselves.

Yes, they'll use your product or service to get there.

But there's so much more support that they need than just logistic product or service.

By truly understanding the total Neuro Human Branding™ package, and supporting your audience from a holistic approach, you can be there for them and better serve them.

And, in the end, have an amazing relationship with your audience.

7 SecondsAli Craig