Trends today are taking off more than ever. There's so many crazy trends out there and you can all thank social media for it because we can see it, we can share it, we can pin it, and we can post it. Because of that, trends become more influential and they're no longer regional. Today, because of social media, your marketplace trends are everywhere, almost at the same time. There's not really a lag behind in region anymore.

Our trend we're talking about is the ever-obsession with unicorns.

Now, unicorns aren't just for girls anymore. And they aren't just for My Little Pony.

The unicorns touch us on so many levels in our stories, as well as our innate subconscious mind.

Unicorns really show us and make us believe that fairy tales do come true style.

No matter if you're looking at the unicorn pumpkins or you're looking at unicorn themed notebooks, or unicorn themed pillows, or kittycorns - Why does the unicorn trend work?

The unicorn trend speaks to our most innate stories built into our hearts, which is originality.

What are fairy tales, for the most part? Fairy tales tell us about lands outside of this world. That there's worlds beyond this. And when today's society kind of sucks, you want to believe there's a world outside of this world, where there are unicorns, where there are rainbows everywhere and pots of gold and all the rest of that. Unicorns speak to that innate need for us to have more than what this planet brings us.

Unicorns also tap into our fearlessness, our relentlessness, our ability that we can do anything we want because you never hear a story about a unicorn not having a happy and joy-filled life. They're always happy, then in the end, it all works out to their advantage. In the end, that's what we want as well.

It's no big surprise that, with all of the turmoil in today's society, especially in the United States, and the political unrest that we currently have, the idea of unicorns isn't going to go away because it taps into our desire to have peace,  love, freedom, happy bliss, euphoric life that we want, but many of us don't currently have.

The unicorn trend taps into the stories we were told in our fairytales, aka our social programming, but it also  taps into our deepest human desires of just having that peace and calmness that we're really looking for, outside of this crazy world.

So how can you, and your brand, tap into this unicorn obsession without necessarily adding unicorns?

Well, tap into the idea that people want to escape. Create a way, a space, an environment, either online or off, where your audience can escape to, where it's no political talk, it's no stress.

Unicorns allow us to be free and to be expressive and creative and vibrant without any judgment. So create spaces and bring that to your audience. Notes of encouragement are so much more powerful than we realize because they use the senses, because if they're textural, and they help rewrite negative social programming that's going on inside of our brains, and that all adds up.

Lastly, when it comes to adding the unicorn trend to your brand and to your space, make sure that there's fun. That's it's fun. It's just that simple.

When you can do this, when you can give that little bit of escape and bring back that little bit of bliss, that little bit of happiness, and that creates the safe space for your audience- you will have the power of the unicorn trend working to your brand's advantage. And, more importantly, you're going to have an awfully fun brand to be around, as well.

#trendsAli Craig