Brands are all about relationships.

They are the relationships between our products and our customers. The relationships between ourselves and our clients on behalf of a business.

And though a brand is to represent the personality of a product or service, we have a personal brand ourselves.

More than just your personality, your personal brand is all about the relationships we have with outward world outside of your intimate group of close confidants.

Just like our personality, our personal brand can have many facets or group that it attracts. To me building your personal brand is a must as soon as you hit the age of business awareness. So yes, your teenagers should be building their personal brands.

And no matter if you are in school, at home, working for corporate, or working for yourself you should be building relationship through your personal brand. Personal or professionals, in today’s age, relationships crossover boundaries and so do their contacts.

So how do you start crafting your personal brand and building relationships that matter?

Here are 10 easy ways:

  1. Dress how you want to dress. You personal style is one of the strongest non-verbal communication tools you have. Use it.

  2. Do your internal homework. We all have moments of self doubt and hate. Do your internal homework to not have negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, or stress over take you.

  3. Know your “whys” and your “wants.” By consciously understanding why you do what you do and what you want out of life overall as well as the different areas of life, you strengthen your communication, connections, and purpose.

  4. Start your day with happiness. Whatever that may be, from hearing a song that makes you smile to chatting with your best friend or going for a walk- take 5 minutes and enjoy.

  5. Be grateful. Yes, we all know that gratitude journals are great. When it comes to your personal brand being grateful gives you perspective. And perspective allows you to see life and people with a much softer touch.

  6. Journal. Journaling helps you achieve #2, but it also reminds you of how far you have come mentally, physically, logistically.

  7. Evolve, grow, and change. You are not meant to stay the same. So try new things and see what works for you. Being open and excited about new doesn’t just make you a better person, it expands your reach and the audience your life will impact.

  8. Be nice to everyone. Maybe it is the Southern girl deep inside of me, but this is a must. Love them or hate them you need to be nice to everyone. Nice doesn't mean being a pushover, compromising your beliefs, or anything like that. Nice is about being honest and coming from a place of love and appreciation.

  9. Befriend a few. A gaggle of friends is just too many. To me if you have more friends than you do fingers and toes you have a lot of acquaintances. Friendship takes time and engagement. Actively cultivate friendships that intrigue, inspire you, and make you a better person. And remember, friendships don’t have to be forever.

  10. Confide in even less. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but when ideas, thoughts, and beliefs are in the fledgling stage sharing your heart can be very painful. People mean well, but it can be hard to decipher if their advice is good, their own issues, or just because they are an ass. Confided your heart, thoughts, and ideas in the people that you know what they are about and the about you being you- nothing more

No matter who you are or what you do—you are your brand. So take the leap, do the work, build the relationships and be fearlessly true you.