Engaging our senses doesn't just tap our biology. It also taps our psychology, because the more we can engage our senses, the bigger memory that is created. And more importantly, the existing  memories get “hijacked” within your brand relationship.

So, how can you engage our sense when you're only an online business? Well, the truth is that you can do so visually and verbally.

Verbs and adjectives are your best friend for engage senses online.

You don't actually have to smell the hot apple pie or know what a silky sheet feels like to engage our brains to “feel the senses,” you just have to describe it. Just saying, "silky sheet" and you subconsciously are going, “ooh, silky sheets”  because we all have memories in which those senses are actually tied to.

When you can re-engage those memories through your copy, your video, or through the photography that you're using to sell your brand relationship, the memories start flooding back for your audience.

Your brand visuals and verbal connect to your audience’s hearts and heads.

Now, this could be real memories that your audiences have had or that could be memories that they've just seen on a movie, tv show, or via a fairy tale story. Whichever way it happens,  your current brand memory will tie onto their old memory, and viola, you have a bigger memory.

It truly is a win-win.

The great thing is that our senses allow us to not just have a bigger and better memories, but have  better relationship experience between our brand and consumer, because our brand memories actually becomes full body experiences.

Even though your audience may not be smelling or touching the item, our bodies still react the same way. It floods your audience’s body with similar hormones as if it was happening in real life.

Use the senses smartly; engage with your audience; go on that deeper level.

Lean all in and make sure that when you're creating new collateral, or a new offer, or just even a new social media post, that you're doing it to the highest level you can.

Engaging the senses as fully as you can creates a better brand experience and relationship for you, your brand, and your audience.

7 SecondsAli Craig