Why are we so obsessed with mermaids and tattoos?

Well, the reason is actually revolves around expressing our individuality and not feeling controlled by our social stories.

We're jumping straight into the psychology here. The truth is that, before we're even born, we're programmed with societal stories via fairy tales.

When you look at the stories that surround mermaids and really the origin of mermaids, mermaids were little vixens. The would lure men out and crash their ships and have them die. They weren't safe creatures to be around and nor were people with tattoos.

Even up until the last decade, people who had tattoos were viewed as not safe people to be around. This was not culturally acceptable and your safety was in question.

The mermaids and tattoo trend is all about standing out in unique beauty.

How can your brand use this trend to your advantage?

Create beautiful, unique posts that have a unique edge to share with your online community. It's a way that the masses can share and yet, still stand out in their own originality.

Make sure that you create a community that supports originality. If you just simply do that, you will be well on your way to creating the reason why, and using the reason why, the trends of tattoos and mermaids is so popular cause you're rewriting the story.

#trendsAli Craig