Most of us play in many worlds in life and in business.

From your client base to your skills, no one is just one thing.

There are the arguments to choose one lane and stick with it. I personally find this limited, boring, and unfulfilling. Because one lane doesn’t fully who I am and what I am about.

When you play in different worlds, though, brand confusion can occur.

This is where your relationship motive comes into play.

For me, I work directly with entrepreneurs from starts to vets, from nonprofits, to coaches, to products, to consultants. I also work directly with designers, coders, branders, and business coaches. And I have active professional relationships with TV producers, reporters, and event organizers from coast to coast.

Those are 3 distinct fields. With 3 distinct expectations.

Entrepreneurs need information that is complete, easily incorporated, budget friendly, all the while delivered in a fun, lively, and passionate way.

Designers, branders, and coders want the facts, ways to give their clients added value, and to minimize their revision time. They don’t want to be to how to design in, just the wireframe of the do’s and don’ts.

Reporters, producer, and event coordinators want information that can instantly tailored to their audience. A new perspective that give huge value fast.

When you choose a brand approach, that creates such diverse relationships, you need to find that one commonality in all of them. Normally this is you and your message. When you can express your message clearly to anyone no matter which world they come from- it all makes sense.

I like to think about it this way, You or in this case your brand is that cool high school kid who was great at supports, super smart, creative, and hot. They were loved by their jock friends, nerds, and the artsy people. They were inclusive because they lived in all of those worlds and didn’t strive for a title. They just strived to be themselves.

So if you and your brand truly do play in multiple worlds, go for it. Be it. And be well versed in articulating just who you really are.

House of Brand TVAli Craig