From our obsession with Halloween as adults to the mask filters you can put on your phone when you're using SnapChat, Facebook, or Instagram- we love adding masks to who we are.

In a day and age where we love being seen, on many levels we simply want to hide. The reason why we loved masks hundreds and hundreds of years ago is all still the same. On some level, we want to hide who we are. Biologically we want to hide for protection. And culturally we want to hide for fear of not being accepted.

The other reason why we love masks is because it allows us to be something we aren't. We can try on different personalities, be someone or something else for the moment.

What can your brand do to jump on the mask trends?

This trend roots in security- both biologically as well as psychologically. You audience wants to feel safe in who they are, where they are, and that what they dream matters.

From a brand’s perspective we need to offer our audience love and certainty. Which in reality is what your brand relationship is really about. Your brand isn't meant to just sell something. Your brand is meant to create a safe relationship where your audience knows that their loved unconditionally.

Once your audience feel secure, the mask trend is about trying on different aspects and playing. This can be accomplished with a generous return policy or trial period. Whatever you do- it is about fun, playfulness, and community.

The mask trend is rooted in safety, fun, and community.

Which creates amazing relationships between your brand and your audience which in the end is what this is all about.

#trendsAli Craig