Seven seconds doesn't seem like a lot really, but it's seven seconds that it takes for a subconscious thought to go into the conscious mind.

If you can get to your audiences story, AKA, that subconscious mind, before it even tries to get to the logical side, you don’t just save yourself seven seconds, but your audience is already taking action in your direction.

Seven seconds does really matter.

On this video cast series, Seven Seconds, we are going to bring to you topics all around how to truly create a brand that will tap in to those seven seconds so that your audience isn't just loving you and liking what you do, but they're truly in a relationship with you.

We're going to talk about Neuro Human Branding™ and how you can use science and psychology to your brand's advantage.

And tap into your brands greatest strength, which is your brand relationship between you and your ideal audience.

7 SecondsAli Craig