The search for our true passions in life can feel like an epic quest that must get accomplished before you do anything great in life.

And once your great passion is discovered then you can brand, work, and do what really matters most in life.

The problem with such epic thinking is that we miss most of life and the adventures that may lead us to our true passion.

Surrounded by a brand or not, our passions will and should evolve.

20 years ago, I started out working with personal brands focusing on non-verbal communication training and building my speciality in Neuro Human Branding™. Today I train, speak on, consult, and write with a focus on neuro-emotional relationship intelligence for brands and their people.

When I started 20 years ago, my passion was to make people look great and be confident in who they are. Today my passion has evolved to not just teaching people how to have amazing relationships with themselves, but to have amazing relationship through their brands, businesses, co-workers, and clients.

As with most passions, this isn't what I planned. This is what God had planned for me. I could have never imagined the evolution and the crossroads needed to get me here.

The same holds true with you.

Just go with your heart. Your brain can lead you astray some days. It can squash the brilliance that is you just because logically it doesn't make sense.

Follow your heart and bring your mind with you.

Brand what you are now- however that looks.

By focusing on your passion, even if it is the passion for the moment, use yourself as the axis everything evolves around. So when you evolve again the axis stays the same, the message just expands.

Start now and just go for it. Share your current brilliance with the world and watch the masterpiece of your life unfold before you.