Trends are ironically very trendy right now.

But why?

Trends matter because they are connection and acceptance. If you go back to our primal brains that haven't evolved for over 20,000 years, we lived in small villages. If you were a woman, you were sold off to go to the next tribe. If you were a guy, you had to be an amazing hunter to be worthy of status in the tribe. You had to matter. You had to be able to make connections. Women had to make connections fast, and guys had to be able to make connections to be influential.  

Connections have always been and will always be important as human beings and that's why trends matter on a biological level.

It's a way for us to still connect to this day on a very global level.

If you see someone who's rocking the unicorn trend, millennial pink trend, or the pumpkin spice trend, and you're rocking it too, you feel connected to that person and you don't even know them.

The other thing is that trends talk to our social stories. They either reinforce existing social stories or help to rewrite ones. So, just like with millennial pink, it still plays off traditional, social, cultural issues, like having a home, getting married, but in a slightly new and more modern updated way. It allows you to be the original that most millennials want to be. It's a little twist on the story.

Trends can either reinforce what we want to happen, just like pumpkin spice, where we want to have that perfect holiday family acceptance- and trends can also kind of allow us to be our true selves and try it on just like with mask or our slogan tees.

It allows us to speak our mind without actually saying a word.

Trends allow us to be connected and really kind of find acceptance in that our thoughts and our opinions that we've been keeping private.

Our humanity makes us not want to feel alone. We don't want to feel unaccepted or unloved. We want to know that we matter for just being us and that's really what humanity is all about.

Trends work because they helps us understand where our audience’s needs are and where we as brands need to step up and fill.

Be a great brand best friend and speak to your audience’s deepest fundamental core of what they're really looking for and they won't just love you, they'll become your brand ambassadors.

#trendsAli Craig