No matter what you sell, you are always selling to a human being.

Neuro Human Branding® cuts to what really drives human beings´ reactions, decisions, and actions: biology and psychology. With more than 35,000 decisions made a day fewer than 1800 of them consciously made, we move and make decisions on instinct, not information.



We are selling and building relationships through our brands with other human beings. We must take into consideration the physical hardwiring, primal brain, electromagnetic fields of the heart, nonverbal communication, chemical differences, and triggers that innately run our human heads.



What makes us human? Our psychology. This is why we must focus on human needs psychology, sociology, societal programming, as well as the internal story dialogue that run our audience’s hearts and heads.

Ali Craig


Your brand is the relationship vehicle that brings you and your audience together. It is this visual and verbal common ground for your brand relationship that best serves the goals and the innate needs of your audience. Essentially bypassing that 7-second delay between subconscious and conscious thinking to create a deep connection while satisfying primal and psychological desires.